Ink – Layers (INFINIT Vibes #1)

Besides our “INFINIT Session” mixes we now present “INFINIT Vibes”. It’s a series of guest-mixes by artists and like-minded people from all over the world. The first mix comes from Helsinki based Soft Focus member Ink. He combined different type of tracks like layers and put together a fine set with deep and chilled vibes from front to back.

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Nylo – Fool Me Once (Da-­P Remix)
Tennyson – No Answer
SLK ­- Ride (Sivey Remix)
Tele Fresco -­ Peacocking
Kojack ­- Novinha
Taylor McFerrin -­ Degrees of Light
T­-Pain ­- Drankin (Losco Remix)
Charles Murdoch -­ Dekire ft. Oscar Key Sung
123Mrk ­- Versatile
Nick Wisdom -­ Blush
Blackbird Blackbird -­ Star Faces
The Happy Cat ­- Sketching Cherries
Tory Lanez ­- Ride (Falcons Remix)
SKVTR ­- Cyprus
Molly Williams -­ Looks As If (Cosmic Quest Remix)
Crow.wav ­- Lissen
Shoffy ­- Into Oblivion
Sh?m ­- Serendipity
Lifted Aquatic -­ Nubian Song
Jonah Baseball -­ Louisville Slugger

Artwork by taimles
Picture by Cuba Gallery