MelodySoul – Compilation Vol. 1 (w/ w0nka, CYGN, UNDA, IanEwing, Howie Wonder & more)

MelodySoul is a global collective of beatmakers and a record label founded by w0nka and CYGN. Their aim is to bring together passionate music makers to collaborate and spread experimental, creative and adventurous sounds. Affiliated artitst like Karavelo, IanEwing, UNDA, Robot Orchestra or Howie Wonder should be no strangers if you’re following INFINIT for a while.

A few days ago they released their first compilation with 20 laidback and mostly hip hop oriented tracks. While many compilations only have a hand full of good songs this is one to listen to from front to back without getting disappointed. Chill vibes to the fullest, exactly how we love it!

Not to forget it’s a Free Download