Mizan re-releases her ‘Dark Blue EP’ with new songs & new visuals

The New York based vocalist Mizan is going to re-release her “Dark Blue” EP on November 6th. The three songs “No Fool”, “Anxious” and “Thru” originally came out last year. Recently she added the piano driven ballad “7 Billion” (Free Download) and the laidback funk tune “Looking For” to the tracklist. Just like for her old songs she also shares nice visuals for the new ones. Watch them all right below and stay tuned for the final version of her EP. Since the release is in two weeks she might add some more songs to the list.

Video for “Looking For”

Video for “7 Billion”

Video for “Thru”

Video for “Anxious”

Video for “No Fool (Freestyle)”