Hannah Faith – Feels (Mix)

London DJ Hannah Faith spreads nothing but good vibes and positive energy with her new mix “Feels”. The carefully curated tracklist combines various sounds and genres into one storytelling piece that reflects the times of now and all the positive attributes our generation has to offer. Press play and enjoy!

KMB, “What About Us”
Kiefer, “Untitled”
BAGUL, “Crack”
Freddie Joachim, “Islands”
Howiewonder x Dephrase, “Creep”
C Y G N, “Vision”
Nocturne Stro Elliot, “Kamaal Coltrane”
Vanilla, “Lazy Days”
BAGUL, “Pure Vanilla”
Ravyn Lenae, “Free Room” (j.robb Remix)
Stro Elliot, “B 04 – Miles Funk”
Souleance, “Allegria Part I”
Afro Cuban Jazz Project, “Campina” (Aztek Flip)
Childish Gambino, “Terrified” (Zikomo Remix)
Solange, “Cranes In The Sky” (Kaytranada DJ Edit)
Miyagi x Akay, “Your Love”
Kaytranada, “HOT JAZZYBELLE”
Flamingosis f. Tom Ribbons, “All Natural”
Lakim, “PT”
SMOOTH OPERATOR 3000, “La Malanga”
jjunior, “Halu”
Monte Booker & Naji, “Mona Lisa”
Jerome Thomas, “Nirvana” (prod. Hurricane)
Moo Latte x Roux Spana, “James In Heaven” (J Dilla Tribute)
Erykah Badu f. INVERE KID, “On & On” (Remix)