Kansado – Futuro Tumbao EP (Stream)

Kansado cover

Kansado is a Dominican American producer, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer and laid back introvert. He sits somewhere between jazz, latin music, and experimental hiphop. Currently exploring his Caribbean identity Kansado fuses future beats and afro-latin music to create an infectious combo of percussive genre bending sounds.

“Futuro” is spanish for future and “Tumbao” carries two meanings. One, a common rhythm found in afro- latin music, and two, swagger. Drawing inspiration from a backdrop of salsa, son, bachata and reggaeton Kansado’s Futuro Tumbao is a nod to his Caribbean heritage. Growing up in a Dominican household Kansado is no stranger to rhythm and percussion. As a kid his childhood home was filled with the sounds of some of the greatest Latin musicians of the last 50 years: Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, and Johnny Ventura to name a few. Over time his musical tastes ventured into new waters exploring the more experimental hiphop sounds of producers like Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, and Nujabes.

Futuro Tumbao is Kansado coming full circle creating a bridge between these two phases of his life. Heavy 808s, mellow rhodes, trap snares, and bouncing synths meet percussive congas, rolling timbales and live trumpets to create a soundscape rooted in afro-latin soul presented in a futuristic package.

Stream Kansado’s full EP above and get your copy here.