Danvers – Interludes (EP Stream)

Interludes cover

London based producer Danvers has recently released his new EP “Interludes” on WotNot. The five-track piece includes Remixes by Frits Wentink & Warren Xclnce feat. Joe Armon-Jones ​(Brownswood).

The opening two tracks are strongly in the broken beat vein. ​Mason​ opens with dreamy, Rhodes jazz over a bruk beat with rolling snare fills, lulling us into a false sense of security before switching to an offbeat but irresistible squelchy synth groove. Similarly, in ​Aye Ata​ the pulsing chord that slowly grows out of the beat suddenly turns the track around with a rhythmic twist, showing the playful broken beat in a whole new light.

There’s a house touch throughout the EP, none more so than in ​1997​, where a bouncing kick, soulful claps and a booming sub provide a steadier basis for laid back Rhodes chords and dreamy spoken word samples.

As a big influence on Danvers’ music, ​Frits Wentink​ is welcomed onto remix duty with open arms. The ​Wolf Music ​regular brings an otherworldly vibe to his take on ​1997​, with enchanting but almost disorienting chord swells and spiralling vocal fx punctuated with crisp snare rolls.

The ever-busy Danvers recently launched ​38 East​, a studio space and music community, with Warren Xclnce​. Warren’s remix of 1997 was a surprise gift to his business partner and collaborator, and is a deeper house cut, ​Joe Armon-Jones​’ ​(Brownswood) ​Rhodes jam over the track bringing a distinct Peckham flavour.

Listen to the full EP above and get your copy via Bandcamp.