Stay Cool presents ‘Altogether, Part One & Part Two’

Stay Cool Altogether Compilation

After just over a year on-air and more than 200k plays later Stay Cool transitions from a radio show into a label with their massive debut compilation. “Altogether” is a 50-track behemoth that spans two parts, Part. I focuses on slower Hip-Hop & R&B sounds and Part. II highlights the faster electronic frequencies.

Altogether takes its name from a few aspects in the recent history of the movement. It describes the compilation bringing together many of the different sounds and artists purveyed on the show, how quickly they’ve been able to grow in that short time on air as a result of the genuine relationships they’ve built through music and finally describes the ability of seangran and his pals to get through their own personal trials and tribulations thanks to the power of music and the strength of their real friendships.

Contributions to this amating compilation come from top-notch producers by the likes of eu-IV, Evil Needle, submerse, Stanzah!, K Le Maestro, Mo Vibez, Sh?m, More//Night, Lo-Wu, Digital Mozart and Tek.LUN.

Take yourself same time and enjoy “Altogether” in full-length. Stream the first part above and listen to Part II right below. Both parts are available for free via Bandcamp, go get em!