goosetaf – Akemi (Album Stream)

goosetaf kemi cover

Seattle, Washington based producer goosetaf has recently released his brand new full-length album “Akemi”. The project started off as the idea to create a small and special piece of art that could encompass many different sounds and feelings. As the project progressed, the size of it grew. Three collaborations became five which ultimately grew to the outstanding number of 17. Guest appearances on this release come from the likes of j’san, ODDYSEE, HM Surf, idntrmmbr, and steezy prime.

Akemi shows that artists with many different signature sounds can come together and create a cohesive project. Along with the music, the art itself was a large stand alone project. goosetaf wanted to create a surreal landscape showcasing an island far off in the distance.

Enjoy the full stream of Akemi by goosetaf above and get your copy via Bandcamp. Limited edition Vinyls can be purchased here.