The Future Beats Show 186 Featuring INFINIT

Future Beats Show x INFINIT

Last Sunday I had the pleasure to be DJ Complexion‘s co-pilot on episode 186 of The Future Beats Show.  We both been spreading Future Beats since the very beginning of this genre so I’m glad this finally happend!

Fasten your seat-belts and get ready for 2 hours of finest tunes by the likes of Jmac, El. Train, Zikomo, Pomo, Quickly, Quickly, Krs. and Raveena. My guest-mix starts at around 58:00 and I’m playing tunes from Mitchell Yard, Tera Kora, Tui, RIVR, Neguim Beats, Boss Mischief plus an unreleased track I made with my brethren IAMNOBODI a long time ago.

Hit play above and enjoy your trip to the outer planets!