Fevra – Villanova Junction (Album Stream)

Fevra cover

Toronto-based producer and keys-virtuoso Fevra joins the Darker Than Wax family with his stunning 18-track album “Villanova Junction”. This release is a project years in the making, built around the concept of a cosmic destination in space and time named ‘Villanova Junction’, a place the listener is transported to throughout the journey of the record – a journey drifting across eras, genres, and vast distances.

A deeply collaborative record, ‘Villanova Junction’ is a testament to the hotbed of creativity found in Toronto, with features from some of the city’s most soulful, including D.Hart, Miggz, Falcxne, and DTW’s own KEI-LI among many others. Weaving together a living, breathing listening experience drenched in soul from front to back, Fevra makes his DTW debut with an album that is both a tribute to his influences and the artist’s own sonic vision forward.

Stream Villanova Junction by Fevra above and get your copy via Bandcamp.