INFINIT Session #27 (5 Year Anniversary Edition)

session 27 ccover

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of INFINIT, I decided to come up with a very special mix this month.

INFINIT Session #27 features strictly music that has been released via INFINIT over the past years. We had so many great artists on-board, from big cats like IAMNOBODI, Stwo, Jarreau Vandal, krs., AbJo, and Mr. Carmack to promising talents like Ruck P, S0ul Unreal, Alistair, Ben Bada Boom, Dailon, Boyan, and Smooth Operator 3000.

I’m so happy to look back at such an amazing catalogue of exclusive releases and I’m thankful for every single contribution. Also bigup to every single listener and supporter out there, I hope y’all stick with INFINIT for another 5 years and forever. Forever? Forever Ever. Forever Ever!

Now hit play and enjoy INFINIT Session #27 above. For more check out all the previous mixes right here.