Aaron Taylor – The Long Way Home (EP Stream)

Inspired by a tumblr quote, London based producer and singer Aaron Taylor craftet his latest EP “The Long Way Home”. The quote simply said: *takes the long way home just to listen to more songs*.

“Home” means different things for everyone. For some of you, home may be your safe space and haven; for others, it’s the place you’d rather not be. Home also isn’t just a physical place but where you dwell mentally and emotionally.

Getting to that place of security and peace can take time. There are many delays in all of our journeys. I’m sure we all individually wonder when it is we’ll “arrive” at success, peace, love etc.

Aaron felt in love with the idea of providing music that could help you to focus not only on reaching your destination, but enjoying your journey. Songs that could help you forget your delays. Songs that give you the scenic route.

The Long Way Home features 8 super soulful tracks, all written and produced Aaron Taylor himself with some additional instrumentations by Aylwin Steele / Bayo Adeboyega (Guitar),  James Rudi Creswick (Bass), and Mark Perry (Brass).

Stream the full release above and get your copy via Bandcamp.