DJ Nanita presents ‘Sonidos Eclécticos’

DJ Nanita cover

DJ Nanita’s debut as Curator/Executive producer, “Sonidos Eclecticos” is a global melting pot of sonic influences. The NYC based DJ brings together artists and producers from all over the globe, exploring new sounds and talent to create a universal voice for her and her collaborators. Inspired by the artistic energy and creative vibes of SUNY Purchase and Soulection, DJ Nanita seeks to push the boundaries of her own talent and raise the bar for collaborating artists around her. Sonidos Eclecticos includes collaborators from the US, UK, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Germany creating unique vibe that can not be replicated. Wavy Bagels, Fran G, Paul Mond, and Duncan Gerow are just a few names of artists involved in this project.

So sit back, roll up, and enjoy the vibes of “Sonidos Eclecticos”. All the songs are available as free download via Soundcloud.