junior state – Shelter (Album Stream)

junior state

“Shelter” is the debut album from the Grammy Nominated Artist & Producer-duo junior state, with 12 new original tracks each within the realm of downtempo ‘jazzhop’ and ‘chillhop’, spanning influences of 90’s Hip-Hop, Jazz and R&B.

For the fans of early releases from J. Dilla, Pretty Lights and Shigeto, “Shelter” pairs itself well, taking the universally digestible approach as ‘the kind of music you could play in the background at a dinner party, but can’t help but pay full attention to’…

junior state is already on course to release two follow-up albums to “Shelter”, expanding their sonic repertoire with the addition of live vocals and instrumentation, with the first expected for early 2019.

Stream “Shelter” in full-length above and head over to Bandcamp to get your copy.