artwork for PURPLE POSSE's playlist POSSE CLASSICS

PURPLE POSSE is a worldwide operating collective of phonk producers. Some of their biggest representatives are SOUDIERE and DJ YUNG VAMP but there are even more cats to discover. Other members are Mythic, 6-6-6, aseri, BACKWHEN, BACKWOOD BOY, hymbeats (RIP), GRAVY, SHAQ!, 10NY and CASPIAN ROSE.

To showcase their full talent the crew unleashed a playlist entitled “POSSE CLASSICS.” It features the best tracks from all memebers of the squad. So if you are into heavy 808 basslines and slowed down samples get familiar with the sound of the PURPLE POSSE!

Stream “POSSE CLASSICS” above and check out the single songs on Soundcloud. Some of the are available as free download.