Taimles – M A N Q O B A (Mixtape)

Taimles - M A N Q O B A (Mixtape)

Right in time for the weekend I wanna share with you my new mix “M A N Q O B A.” It’s full of bass-heavy tunes, mostly Afrobeat, Baile Funk and UK Bass. The tracklist reads names such as Wantigga, Jengi, A-Star, Sling Ting, Sinjin Hawke, Oneted, Maffalda, Matjang,¬†Okmalumkoolkat, Sango, Omar Duro and DJ Rafik. Almost 50 minutes to lift you up and get you in the mood to shake what yo momma gave ya. So if your battery is running low, this selection will bring new energy into your life. Hit Play and enjoy!

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