ALL2GETHER Presents: ALL Family (The Riddim Pack & The Warehouse Pack)

ALL2GTHR edits

Following up on the previously released “The Cookout Pack” & “The Indigenous Peoples Pack”, NY-based collective ALL2GETHER delivers two more EPs.

Exploring the sounds of Reggae, Zouk, Afrobeats, and Moombahton, “The Riddim Pack” traces the global influence of the diaspora through the Dancehalls of Jamaica back to their roots in West Africa. Contributions for this 5-track EP come from Jerry C, VIVA Carnival, Jean Sean, rafxlp and Boston Chery. Tune in right here:

The second project contains house, garage and uptempo club edits by Blue Canariñho, luca., XyKy and SicStyle. From London’s Ministry of Sound to Tresor Berlin, “The Warehouse Pack” revisits the sounds of classic electronic dance music. Listen here: