Doja Cat drops her second studio album “Hot Pink”

Doja Cat drops her second album "Hot Pink"

Following up on the Deluxe version of her debut “Amala”, Doja Cat drops her second studio album “Hot Pink”.

We all know Doja Cat with french fries in her nose and airy cow costume in the music video for her viral hit “Mooo!”. After gaining attention overnight, the rapper used her hype to build up a solid career. In contrast to Ugly God or Bhad Bhabie, who failed with their first attempts to walk on musically, the cat prances amazingly confidently through different genres and turns out to be a real vocal chameleon. 

Her second album “Hot Pink” turns out to be even more versatile and lively than her debut “Amala”, which has all been well-behaved. Doja Cat raps and sings about sexual desire and authority and lets us know that, when it comes to relationshops, she is in charge. With this, the Californian is going a little crazy here and there, but is finally establishing herself as a serious artist who is in no way inferior to her internet-savvy contemporaries.

Have a listen to Doja Cats “Hot Pink” below.[]/soundcloud