Dutch/Sudanese R&B singer Gaidaa shares debut EP “Overture”

Dutch R&B singer Gaidaa shares debut album "Overture"
Dutch R&B singer Gaidaa shares debut album "Overture"

Based in the Netherlands, Sudanese singer and songwriter Gaidaa drops off her debut EP “Overture”. She has already worked with the likes of Jarreau Vandal or Full Crate and last year she performed her politically charged song “Moning Blue” in a COLORS session. The song is also part of the EP and you can watch the video right below.

Now Gaidaa introduces herself to the world with a strong 8-track debut EP. Driven by acoustic instrumentation, which is the perfect foundation for her soulful voice, Gaidaa delivers finest neo-soul music. Guest-appeaances come from Saba, Jarreau Vandal and Joshua J.

To sum up the EP, Gaidaa says “To me ‘Overture’ is not only my introduction to the world, but essentially my reintroduction to myself, my rediscovery and re-creation of Gaidaa. It’s about realizing that we are far more complex and hold more depth than we think. Overture is the foundation to something more substantial; the beginning of everything that is yet to come and yet to be learned. Gaidaa meeting Gaidaa.”

Enjoy the beautiful vibes of Gaidaa and have a listen to her debut EP “Overture” right below