Mr. Carmack shared songs related to human “Chromosomes”

mr. carmack chromosomes stream
mr. carmack chromosomes stream

“Chromosomes” is an array of songs by Mr. Carmack, released before his new album “VIISTA”.

Over the last month, the Los Angeles based producer has been constantly uploading new tracks to his Soundcloud. Each song represents one of the 23 chromosome pairs we humans have, which is why I gave this project the name “Chromosomes”.

With all kinds of vibes from heavy Trap bangers to House music, Neo-Soul and jazzy hip hop instrumentals, “Chromosomes” perfectly shows Mr. Carmack’s broad spectrum of sounds and styles. Somehow this compilation of songs is like a bridge between his previous bass-heavy trap releases and his super smooth and soulful new album.

Unfortunately the series is not 100% complete. There are only 16 of 23 tracks available so far. Since Carmack has just dropped “Viista” and his tour starts this weekend, I’m not sure if he will ever complete the project.

Anyways, I made a playlist with all Chromosome-related tracks so you can enjoy them all right here, right now.