Okvsho deliver jazzy new album “Kamala’s Danz”

Okvsho deliver jazzy new album "Kamala's Danz"
Okvsho deliver jazzy new album "Kamala's Danz"

Okvsho take us on a musical journey, up and down the rivers of life with their new album “Kamala’s Danz”.

“Kamala is the manifestation of kama, which is all pleasure and individual experiences with one or more senses: hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing and feeling—assisted by the mind together with the soul. Experiencing harmonious music is kama, as is being inspired by natural beauty, the aesthetic appreciation of a work of art, and admiring with joy something created by another human being…” 

After dropping “Traphouse Jazz” back in 2018, it was about that time for a second release on Boyoom Connective. “Kamala’s Danz” highlights the duo’s transition from sample based bedroom beats to self composed songs. By adding more live instrumentation and inviting talented young musicians to the infamous Traphouse Studio, the group captured a broader range of emotions wich opened up new possibilities and ways of story telling. 

Have a listen to Okvsho’s full album below and get your copy via Bandcamp.