Jordan Rakei unveils alter ego Dan Kye for “Small Moments” LP

Jordan Rakei presents his new alter ego Dan Kye on "Small Moments" LP

Dan Kye is the mysteriously evoked dancefloor focused moniker from multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocal sensation Jordan Rakei. The New Zealand-born artist – who now resides in London – presents his first LP from Dan Kye, “Small Moments”, on Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section INTL. An ode to the dancefloor, the musical project was born out of Jordan’s lockdown experience, created from the comfort of his own home. Recorded with just a laptop, extra live instruments and guest musicians, “Small Moments” seamlessly transcends across electronica, jazz and funk, with each genre being effortlessly fused with Jordan’s melancholy vocals.

Allowing himself to push the boundaries, Jordan’s Dan Kye moniker draws on the energetic and uplifting elements of house and techno and perfectly mixes it with the sultry vocals and emotion that come with the live elements we know and love from Jordan Rakei. The record offers listeners a journey through more floor-heavy tracks such as “Mogeri” and “Raro” to more groove infused offerings such as “Rainbow Road” (which is named after one of the maps in Mario Kart and inspired by the energy of Prince’s iconic live concert at The Aladdin in Las Vegas), whilst tracks, like “Sober”, take on a more lyrical and anthemic feel.

Enjoy Dan Kye’s “Small Moments below and get your copy via Bandcamp.