Bnnyhunna releases “Paradox” & “Feelings Mutual?” ft. Jarreau Vandal

Bnnyhunna releases "Paradox" & "Feelings Mutual?" ft. Jarreau Vandal

Dutch artist Benjamin “Bnnyhunna” Ankomah hits the scene with two amazing singles “Paradox” and “Feelings Mutual?”. The two songs are the kick-off for his upcoming solo debut project “Sintha”.

The first single “Feelings Mutual?” features none other than Jarreau Vandal and it’s essentially part of a much bigger soundscape, heavily influenced by genres like jazz, soul, afro and hip hop and legends like Fela Kuti, Youssef Dayes, Pharell and John Coltrane. 

“Paradox” is a letter to his beloved Sintha, about a conflict that feels like a paradox. The letter is part of a larger fictional story, which will be told in various art forms. This melancholic feeling can also be found in the visualizer and we see Bnny’s thoughts translated into piano playing, which ultimately does not end with the desired result.

Both songs come accompanied by Segraphy directed visuals. Watch below!