Adam Nabeel releases sophomore EP “Madness For Two”

Adam Nabeel releases sophomore EP "Madness For Two"

Omani-East African artist/producer Adam Nabeel has dropped off his brand new EP “Madness For Two”.

The follow-up to his 2018 debut EP “Downtime” contains 6 genre-bending tracks bringing together both his Arabian and East-African roots into a sonic sound he calls “AFRO-RABIA”. “Madness For Two” revolves around the concept of sharing the madness that comes with new relationships. The crooner poetically describes the rush of getting lost in a world he created with a mysterious woman.

With his distinctive guitar accents echoing throughout the EP, Nabeel’s heavy, yet soft-toned vocals blends delicately with his productions, creating a cathartic and moody wave that takes you on what feels like a journey inside his world.

Enjoy Adam Nabeel’s new EP “Madness For Two” right below.